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Chamber of patent disputes

The Chamber of patent disputes considers the following objections and claims:

- for the Rospatent decision to refuse a protective document;

- for recognition an application to be withdrawn;

- for recognition of a trademark as notorious in the Russian Federation;

- for preterm termination of legal protection of a trademark in case of turning it into the marking entered into general use as the marking of the products of particular type;

- for preterm termination of legal protection of a trademark due to its non-use.


Federal antimonopoly service

Deals with the problems related to unfair competition in the field of intellectual property, in particular:

- abatement of trademark registration in the case if registration-related actions of right-holder are recognized as an act of unfair competition;

- considering the cases regarding illegal use of industrial property subjects in the economic and commercial activity, etc.


The courts

The following disputes can be adjudicated using the legal system:

1. The authorship of an invention, a utility model, an industrial design;

2. The detection of a patent holder;

3. The infringement of the exclusive right to an invention, a utility model, or an industrial design;

4. Entering into contracts, execution, modification and termination of contracts of transferring the exclusive right (patent purchase), and of license contracts for using an invention, a utility model, an industrial design;

5. The right of prior use;

6. The right of subsequent use;

7. The size, time, and manner of payment an award to the author of an invention, a utility model, or an industrial design according to regulations;

8. The size, time, and manner of paying compensations;

Courts handle the cases related to attacking decisions of the Chamber of Patent Disputes, the Federal Antimonopoly Service.


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