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Patent research


Patent research are information-and-analytical studies performed in the process of creation, mastering, and realization of industrial and other products.

Patent research are performed based on analyzing the sources of patent and other information (scientific-and-technical, advertising-and-economic, marketing etc.) containing the data about the latest scientific-and-technical achievements related to development of industrial production, to the state and perspectives of developing the market of specific products.

They allow to provide the required technical level, patentability, competitiveness of the goods produced, to reduce costs for creation of innovative goods due to avoiding duplication of studies and developments, as well as to provide a monopoly right to using the own, protected by the Patent, innovative goods and, as a consequence, to exclude the possibility of their uncompensated copying by third parties.

The patent research executed as a report, in accordance with the requirements of State Standard R 15.011-96 «System of product development and launching into manufacture. Patent investigations. Procedure and scope», are the document which allows to substantiate investing innovations, to evaluate the state and perspectives of market development for their realization.

Due to patent research the administrative solutions are made in case of decline or growth of specific product market development, the infringements are prevented associated with the rights of the third parties holding patents valid on the territory of this or that country, that is to say, the examination as to patent purity is made.

Moreover, they allow to reveal potential competitors, to make the analysis of their activity directions, to choose a market niche for innovations etc.

Patent research are the first step in the way of innovation creation.

The subject-related search of patent information with 20-year retrospective is the most demanded one using the following:


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