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The legislator provides dual legal protection of Computer Programs and Databases, and specifically, as a subject of copyright, without formalities, and at the request of copyright holder as a subject having state registration.

The duration of the exclusive right for Computer program, Database is valid throughout the author’s life and seventy years counting from January 1 of the year following the year of the author’s death.


Computer Program is an objectively presented complex of data and commands intended for functioning computer and other computer devices in order to achieve a particular result including the preparatory materials obtained in the process of computer program working-out, and the audiovisual images generated by it (Art. 1261 of the CC RF).

Copyright is not applied to programming languages.


Database is an objectively presented complex of independent materials (articles, calculations, regulations, judgments, and other similar materials) systematized so that these materials can be found and processed with a computer (article 1260 of the CC RF).


Topology of integral microcircuits – this is material medium-fixed spatial-and-geometric arrangement of the set of integral microcircuit elements and connections between them. Thus, an integral microcircuit is a microelectronic product of definitive or intermediate form intended to perform functions of the electron circuit, and its elements and connections are integrally formed within and (or) on the surface of the material on the basis of which such product is made (article 1448 of the CC RF).

The exclusive right to the topology is valid during ten years, and it is calculated as follows: either from the day of the topology first use, or from the day of the topology registration in the federal executive authority on intellectual property (article 1457 of the CC RF).


The protective document for the program, database, and topology is Certificate.


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